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I deleted a sentence, and Evernote deleted an entire table.

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Hi all,

New forum poster here (but having been using EverNote for several years).

I had a table in one of my notes, and further down the note (outside of the table) I had some text in bullet points. I deleted the text (using the Android app) and EverNote deleted the entire table too. The undo arrow feature did not work, merely undeleted the text underneath the table I had deleted. My table has vanished 😞

I tried to stop the note updating by going into "Airplane" mode - but too late. Within a mere few seconds the note had updated itself.

I found the Note History via Google search, but cannot use it as I am on Plus membership.

Seems rather unfair to upgrade from Plus to Personal at a cost of £54.96 (I cannot switch from annual to monthly membership and back again) for a bug issue that caused this.

Please help!!!

Thank you,


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Note history may be your only solution.

But it gets tricky in your case. If you were on Free, you could buy Personal for a month, solve the problem and fall back to Free.

For Plus this is not working !!!

You can go to Personal, but you can never go back to Plus again. It is sticking with Personal, or moving to Free.

So it basically is up to you whether to pay the difference between your current price and Personal for the future, or skip the option to recover your content.

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I would first suggest raising a ticket, as you are a victim of a bug. As you are a paying customer it is worth a try. Note history is one of the big advantages of Evernote over other services, one of the few actual reasons to maybe pay for the service. Maybe you consider an upgrade as well as PinkElephant described.

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