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Ability to lock Mac App



I use Evernote for both work and personal purposes. I have the Mac app on my work computer. I would love the ability to lock the app on my work computer for security purposes much like on iphone, ideally with a pin. 



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Usually no admin can access your account while it is active without your consent. For EN the solution is simple: Quit the app, or log out.

I know other apps on desktops that require authorization before they open - like my password manager. Not a single one does it by a PIN.

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On 1/19/2022 at 9:35 PM, Greg2013 said:

sometimes admins have access to my mac at work, but i still want to lock my evernote.

Maybe one day it could get implemented, but until then Ctrl-Q is pretty quick to close the app (guessing you already know that) and have the same end result as locking it.

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In addition:

As long as you are logged into your Mac account, FileVault (if active) will decrypt your SSDs content. To lock it up, you need to log out of your Mac account. Only quitting EN does not do the job to encrypt the local EN database, with or without a password.

To avoid having an Admin snoop around, don’t use EN on a work computer. This is the only way to make sure nobody can watch. Use a mobile device, not connected to the company WiFi.

If you need EN access for whatever reason on a work desktop, use the web client in a private window. When leaving log out and set the browser to delete all session data. Use 2FA to prevent a login just with user & password.

Remember using a private EN account while at work may violate company rules, like forbidden access to a cloud service, or using a private account to store company information.

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