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  1. Really want the ability to encrypt entire notebooks. I use Evernote for work and personal so some personal doc notebooks should be encrypted on my work computer.
  2. This is happening to me too on the latest iOS release. Support mentioned this is a known bug that they are going after. Really worrisome as I feel i might lose some data and not realize till it's too late.
  3. I hear, just still cumbersome. I'm thinking I just use touch id to access the notebooks that are encrypted on my phone, and pin on computer. Less of an issue on the phone because I already have touch id protecting the entire evernote app.
  4. Thanks, yes, I do a similar thing with PDFs but these are live notes that i need to keep editing.
  5. I know this has been asked before, but I'd like to bring this up again. I've been a loyal premium Evernote user for many years. I love many many things about Evernote. Especially the seamless syncing of notes across all my macs, phones, iPads etc. I find it indispensable for work and productivity outside of work, and to that end, I always have my Evernote open on my screen at work, at home etc. I have a bunch of sensitive notes that need to be encrypted, I would hate for someone to see them at work or at home etc. To that end because Evernote does not offer notebook encryption, I've been forced to use OneNote which does for those sensitive notes. I hate having to go to different places for my notes. I have too many notes to encrypt them one by one. I don't like OneNote, but it does encryption well. I wish I didn't have to use OneNote ever. I've looked into 3rd party encryption options for Evernote and they are not as seamless and convenient as I expect Evernote to be. Please bring full notebook encryption to Evernote, unless you want your more loyal of customers touching a competing product
  6. This is for specific text in notes but I'd like to protect the whole note. Also I don't see a way to unlock the note on mobile.
  7. I want to be able to protect individual notes with a password and Touch ID, not just my entire Evernote account. Is this on the roadmap? I hope it's not lost on you that onenote has this feature and apple notes recently added it as well as the ability to import evernote files. Please stay ahead of the curve, otherwise users will leave or not join in the first place.
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