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Hi all!

I've logged back on to Evernote after couple of weeks of absence just to find out that suddenly all my notebooks are deleted, notes from them are in trash and some of them appear completely empty, even though they weren't before. I checked my mobile app and also installed the legacy version of the windows app but they all appear exactly the same, all notes in trash an some of them empty.

No one else had access to my account and I never got notified about a login from a new device or location, so I doubt that someone "broke in".

I believe it might've happenned after the latest update, but i'm not sure as I wasn't logging in for a while. My current version of the mobile app is: 10.24, but unfortunately all the notes are also missing in the web client. I really don't know what to do with the empty notes, some of them were really important and now I don't have access to that data anymore.

The created and last updated dates on these files appear correct, and I had access to those files without a problem long time after those dates. For example a note created on 06/06/2021 and last updated on 05/07/2021, that I was accessing around 2 moths ago across all of my evernote versions (which, I think, means that they were synced correctly), now appears completely empty but the updated date remained unchanged, so I definitely didn't accidentaly just go and delete the contents of the files, as the last updated date would change then.

I will appreciate any help with the situation, I'm just about to try and get premium to find out if accessing the note history will help at all.

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23 hours ago, AnaItan said:

I will appreciate any help with the situation

Hi.  Sadly Note History won't recover deleted notes.  It's worth upgrading though to get priority access to Evernote support if you need the content urgently.  Free users can also look for help via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or use the feedback option in the mobile client). 

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To be more precise:

What is still in the trash (which in fact is only a system generated notebook with some special features) can be recovered.

The note in itself by the "restore from trash" function, I think still available for all users. To a former version by note history, which is a subscribers feature.

Personally I doubt something like this happens "just while not using the account". Anybody can make a mistake and move the wrong note to the trash - which can be undone. But if with a large number of notes there was havoc created, chances are high there was an unauthorized access to the account.


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