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using Android phone for note origination without storage

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17 hours ago, mafug said:

I'd like to use my coffee shop/waiting room/idle time to collect notes and send them to EN [and my desk top without storing or syncing the Android.  A one-way device.  Is there a way to set that up?  Thanks

Hi.  No.  The android has to sync to transfer the information via the server to your desktop.

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Maybe there is something about syncing I don't understand.  Can the Android be synced with EN without my entire database of notes being copied onto the Android. I have a massive database of notes and do not need to store them on the Android and do not want to pay for that storage.



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On mobile only metadata (headers, thumbnails, search index) will automatically sync. This is appr. 1/20th of the size of the full database.

To sync more, you need to set notebooks in the mobile client to "offline". You can do this for a single notebook, or with one switch you can set all notebooks to offline. By this logic you can fine tune how much data will be used on your phone.

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