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Problem of destination of my phone screenshots.

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My problem : when I take a screenshot on my mobile and send it to Evernote, it is automatically sent to the wrong notebook with the wrong labels (and always the same ones!).

Moreover, I can't change the destination during the sending, I have to open the note in Evernote to change the destination and the labels (very laborious).

However I have set up a main destination notebook in the application as well as in evernote webclipper.

I don't understand what is happening (my application is up to date and I use an android mobile).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions 🙂

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  • Evernote Expert

The options you need are in the web interace to manage your account. 'Plus de paramètres' then select the menu button at the top right and select Personal Settings. You will probably require your account login to access the aditional settings.

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Good evening,

Thanks for your former answers but that option is already desable.

I don't understand what could be the reason, each time my notes arrive in a wrong specific notebook with two labels (always the same).

NB : It works well on web with the web clipper.


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Which notebook is set as default notebook ?

This is the place where EN will usually import. And it can happen you changed the default accidentally, without even noticing.

Only the little star in the notebook symbol shows which is the current default notebook.


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Thank you for that precision, another of my notebook is selected as defaut notebook and it works well except when I want to save a picture from my phone to evernote. In this case the note is sent to another notebook (still the same one but no star on it) with two fixed labels.

I really don't understand the reason...

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