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There is a pretty old, pretty much voted thread about adding an outlining feature.

You can search it and vote it up as well.

At the moment you con split your one large note into smaller ones, and create a table of content note holding links to all related notes.

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16 minutes ago, Marty2021 said:

Thanks. Splitting seems to be the only way

There is no doubt in my mind that EN works better with relatively short notes. You can then link those together using a TOC. There is one hack that makes working with longer notes slightly easier. Include a special character or two in the various headings in your document. These can even be made invisisble by making them white. You can then use the find facility to cycle between the different headings.



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That's a good hack as a workaround, but after 10 years of being an Evernote customer, I was really hoping to not have to remember complicated hacks to do basic document management.  This is the sort of thing I was hoping we could have at our fingertips:

+ Introduction to outlining (click + to expand)
+ Why Evernote needs outlining 
-  How it might look
   This is a paragraph that has been expanded by clicking the '+' at the start of the line
   and only appears as a single outline the rest of the time.
   So however big this block gets, maybe including tables, diagrams, pictures, etc,
   it doesn't take over the whole document and make me lose the overview.
+ How it could be done
- Additional features
  Ideally it would be easy to include hyperlinks to other notes as below.
  Even more ideally, I wouldn't need to worry about whether any text was embedded in
  the current note, or linked to a separate note - Evernote would magically take care of it.
My separate note which looks like it's embedded in this one but is really separate.
+ The benefits to the whole Evernote community


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