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New user here with no experience of using Evernote!

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Hi.  You may want to start here... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314458-Using-Evernote-Quick-Start-Guide

If you have any specific tasks you want to accomplish,  or any strange responses from the app,  please feel free to drop by here and ask for more help!

PS - Don't worry if you make a lot of mistakes while you learn.  Everyone does...

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Create an account. Initially the Free account will do.

Start to create content. Don't create a lot initially, just some notes, a few notebooks. Learn tags - EN works better with tags than with a lot of notebooks.

Get a feeling of using it. Get used to search.

When coming back here, don't ask in general. Be specific, either with questions about a specific issue or by asking for ideas for a certain use case. What may work fine for one use case will be less good for another.

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