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Windows Client 10.26.5 [How do I?]

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Hi all,

I've been using Evernote for probably over 10 years. Personally, I haven't been a fan of the new Desktop Client but I'm hoping someone can point me to how to do these things that I may be missing. I'm on the latest Windows client. I tried to stick with the Legacy client, but since development on that has stopped, and since a lot of the new features don't work on it, it seemed to make things worse. 

  1. Taskbar Tray Icon - Can I have this behave like the old client where I can just double click it to open the application? I have no use for Quick Notes, especially since that doesn't sync to other devices. 
  2. This one is a bit of a privacy concern. If I single click open a note so that it is on the right pane next to my sidebar, is it possible for this to close if the application is closed to Tray? What I don't want, is to open the program again and that note still be open. Essentially, if I close to tray, I'm probably done with it. 
  3. Is it possible for the program to always remain in Side List View? So if I click on a note from Home, or a note in the sidebar, it keeps the view with the side list and opens the note in the right preview pane? Probably related, but I think I just want this view to be the HOME / Default view. 
  4. Is there a shortcut to clear the search bar? There also seems to be a bug where if I ALT+CTRL+F to go to the search bar and CTRL+A to delete the text and press ENTER, it clears the search bar but the previous search results are still displayed. I did find that CTRL+1 for Home goes home and clears search. 
  5. I seem to be constantly getting update notifications and after I tell the client to update, it installs but then continues to give me update notifications. 
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Some good questions...

1. No. The new tray icon opens the scratchpad or you can right click and choose open. The best workaround is to put a shortcut on the task bar and use that to open the program.

2 & 3. These go together. Evernote will reopen to the last view prior to minimising to the tray. So to hide the last note accessed you need to click away from it. The Home screen is an easy place to select. If you want to reopen into the note list then click a different note in the list of click on all notes. But the more list will be sorted in the default order - most often recently edited.

4. I'm not sure, perhaps someone else will know.

5. This issue can be a corruption in the the installation. The usual advice is to start the process of accepting the update but at the next step cancel and don't complete the upgrade. If that doesn't work then completely uninstall including deleting the program and data directories. Then reinstall. Normally the accept the update them cancel before paying.

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15 minutes ago, agsteele said:

4. I'm not sure, perhaps someone else will know.

Clearing searches seems to be a bit of black art. Best option I have found is to use the keyboard shortcut for "Notes" (alt+ctrl+2) followed by search (alt+ctrl+F). It really shouldn't be this difficult.

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Thanks all,

It seems like it would be trivial for some of these things to be added as options... but since they got rid of nearly all of the legacy client's customizable preferences, I don't see where they would add these. I am lost as to how this new client is a step forward.

I guess I'll enter feature requests... Are developers actually listening to posts there or is it just a place to vent?

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