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  1. Hi all, I'm a keyboard guy, and part of that is trying to get my workflow such that I want to get places in as few keystrokes as possible. Evernote doesn't seem to be quite setup or this. I have the "Find in Evernote" shortcut currently set to WIN+SHIFT+F. I would much rather it be something like WIN+SPACE but it won't let me use that. When I do the shortcut, the full app opens up and does put me in the search bar. Now, as results are filtered, it would be great if I could just arrow up and down to browse through those notes without having to hit TAB first.. and if I need to change the search I need to SHIFT+TAB before to put focus back to search. Pressing Enter should then open that note in its own window. and simultaneously clear the search. Also, hitting ESC any time you are in Evernote should clear search.
  2. Good idea, although I see that app is not free. I don't mind spending the money if it is the best solution. Hmm..
  3. What's the current status and future for Windows Ink support with Evernote? I have a Windows Ink system and I was really excited about the prospects, until I realized Evernote doesn't have actual Windows Ink support in terms of integration with Workspace.. I realize I can create an Ink note and use my pen, but that's about it. If there are tips or things I need to know to make this a better workflow, please advise.
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