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Restoring deleted notebook

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I just deleted a very important notebook on Evernote Windows 6.25.

I then created a new notebook with the same name and restored all of the notes from Trash into it.

After clicking sync a few times, my account seems to have used no extra data.

Does this mean I "got away with it"? Is this problem fixed so seamlessly that Evernote doesn't even know it happened?

Or can I expect some nasty surprise, such as conflicts in every note next time I open Evernote on Android?

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A notebook is just a container, in itself not taking up space.

The space needed is in the notes. They still exist when trashed, „Trash“ is just a special notebook. So when you restore from the trash, you in fact just move notes from one notebook to another. I have not experienced problems after restoring from trash myself.

If you want to be sure, duplicate the „restored/new“ notebook. These are then new notes, not only restored ones.

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Hi.  Two answers - "It depends" and "you're about to find out".  Your notes were moved to the Trash notebook when the notebook was deleted.  The notebook metadata was lost,  hence your needing to re-allocate them to a notebook.  I don't know whether any tags were also compromised - you might want to check that.  But when the notes were "deleted",  they were just moved;  and  - depending on your settings and connection at the time - that movement was synced with the server,  so the web version would also have shown the notes in the Trash. 

By moving them back again you've (at worst) synced a few bytes of metadata on their location - the notes were already on the server,  they've just been moved back again.  If any other devices have synced since this drama,  they'll show the notes in Trash,  and then after another sync,  they'll move back.  No fuss,   definitely no drama.  Evernote is of course aware that all this happened - it's just working as planned.

I could,  of course be wrong...  if so,  you'll be able to tell me all about it when you next try Android...  ;)

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Thanks again guys.

After this little scare, I'd appreciate a few more details if you have the time though please.

Requirements and assumptions:

  • I am on Evernote Windows 6.25 and will remain either on this (or possibly the "last good version" in Linux - I imagine probably Windows 6.25, using Wine) until I hear anything positive about "new" Evernote.
  • I will keep a copy of the 6.25 installation in case Evernote ever forces an update.
  • I want, if possible, to have a backup taken automatically at regular intervals (possibly keeping the N most recent backups).
  • The backup will only ever be used in the situation where I irreversibly lose important notes and want to wipe the slate clean (e.g. clear my entire database, uninstall, reinstall and then use the backup to regenerate a recent copy of the database).
  • If I ever had to do this, I'd like all notebook and notebook-stack structures to be restored, as well as internal-hyperlinks and tags (ENEX sounds like an absolute last resort and would create days of work when restoring)


  • Can Windows Backup backups be used in this way?
    • ...or even some slightly more brute-force approach such as manually copying a folder to an external disk?
  • How about OneDrive/Google Drive, if set up to only copy one way from my PC to the cloud?
  • What files/folders exactly should any of the above approaches copy?
  • Do you have any experience with cloudHQ (specifically, the free version)?
  • Do you know of any other route through e.g. the IFTTT Evernote plugin?

Thanks for your help! Please don't use your time researching any of this that you don't already know!

There seem to be some older threads on backing up, but links within them saying "this has been explained well in another thread" are dead and take me to the forum home. The info I can find focuses largely on ENEX files and says to avoid OneDrive (I imagine because they assume two-way sync), but I am personally only interested in a doomsday solution (backup, not sync) which will maintain, as a minimum, my notebook and stack structure.

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Take a standard backup software (I use Acronis). Set it up to backup the EN data folder created by 6.25, to whatever medium you want.

Usually we are talking about several GB, when using attachments a lot maybe 30, 40, 50 or more. But this can still be saved on a USB Stick (which is not a good backup medium), a turning external disk (good medium, but you have handling), a NAS Network Attached Storage (good, and fully automatic once setup) or a cloud service of your choice.

For a pure backup this is enough. To restore, you shut down EN, rename the existing data folder to something else, create a new folder with the name of the old one and put the backup inside.

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Hi.  There are 2 answers to your question (again) 

  1. Backupery and CloudHQ* - both offer paid-for solutions to the backups issue.  I use 6.25 and Backupery to place my backup ENEX files (1 per notebook) onto an external hard drive.  BU runs automatically each day to do a full backup of my database.  It will likewise restore one or more notebooks if and when I need it to do so.  It would not restore stacks,  but I can live with that.  (Workaround - add a stack tag to every note in every notebook in that stack and build them back if necessary.)
  2. CloudHQ allegedly works in the same sort of way,  but I have no details and no experience.
  3. (sometimes I suck at math) There are also a couple of other possibilities...
    • Simply take a daily backup of your entire databases folder.  To restore your account,  download and install Evernote as new and replace the 'blank' databases folder with your original version.  Some tech skills required,  but that's a Windows backup level task
    • Somewhere in the forums,  someone used scripting to automate the single notebook to ENEX process - like a manual Backupery;  requires good scripting skills and some work to enable.

*  https://blog.cloudhq.net/how-and-why-you-should-backup-evernote/

Good Luck!

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Thanks again to both of you. I think I will want to use a "proper" solution in the future but for the moment, free is the way!

I've set up Microsoft SyncToy to copy the entire folder (listed at Evernote/Settings/General/Evernote Local Files) one-way across to another location on the same spinning disk, where this destination is synced automatically to OneDrive (which should handle versioning automatically in the web client). So not far from the Acronis option. My notes are largely text, so even after much of a decade, the .exb is fortunately still less than 1gb. All I stand to lose now (unless I'm mistaken) are changes made between each manual SyncToy run (which requires Evernote to be closed). I'll maybe some time see how this gets on with Windows Task Scheduler to invoke SyncToy, or just accept the cost of a commercial package.

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