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Hi there,

is it possibile to make links between notes?
For example: lets say I have Note 1 in which there is a text with a link that, clicking on it, will have to show Note 2, obviously in the same web-app (page or tab in the browser, possibly not refreshing everything) or in the app (if using the app).

Thank you.

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  • Tommy81 changed the title to Links between notes

Sorry gazumeped, only tha last question: is even possibile to link to internal "sections" or lets call'em "markers" in a note?
For example:

In Note 2 I have one title, followed by a long text, then a second title followed by another long text. These long texts deal with different content topic and cause the note to scroll sensibily.
Can I link to Note 2 from Note 1 but making the Note 2 scroll until second title?

With html this is usually done with html ids, called in the link url with the hash charater #, ex: mylink#id.

Thank you,

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