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Uploaded Note Missing in Folder View

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I am uploading notes (Receipt Scans) from a ScanSnap scanner and the Notebook (Receipts Inbox) is in a stack called Receipts.

When I look in the "Receipts Inbox" Notebook, there are no files, however when I look in the "Recently Captured" widget on the Home page, the uploaded note is there and the containing foolder shows as "Receipt Inbox".  When I click onthe note, I can then move the note to Receipts 2021 and it shows up just fine as expected in the new folder.


I can't for the life of me figure out why it is "hidden" until I find it in the "Recently Captured" widget and the move it.



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Hi.  I've been using Evernote for 12 years or so to store scanned paperwork,  but nothing you said so far makes much sense to me.  I agree it takes a little time sometimes for a scanned file to be uploaded via the network.  Is that what's worrying you?

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@Eyemalive You posted this in the sub forum for the web client.

AFAIK the ScanSnap scanners do not allow to scan directly to the web client (which is the database on the EN cloud server). It needs a local client where it can dump the scans. 

This is unless you use ScanSnap Cloud - but you don't say you would.

To get any deeper into this issue, you need to fill the information gaps about your setup.

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