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Using Apple Pencil with EN on an iPad?

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Sorry, this is probably a really dumb question. Can I add handwritten notes to EverNote on an Apple iPad using an Apple Pencil? I am an ardent user of EN but I find that I just never have enough time to take photos of all the notes I take for work (I always take handwritten notes; can't keep up typing). I would like to find a way to use a tablet to directly enter notes into EN. I looked into Remarkable but that was as expensive as an iPad (my family would definitely use the other features of an iPad). Any advice is appreciated.

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These are possible options for handwriting with an iPad, Apple Pencil and EN:

  1. You can use the Sketch feature. It inserts a canvas into the note, on which you can draw or write. Downside: Not looking neat, handwriting is not smoothened like real handwriting apps do.
  2. You can get the Penultimate app from EN, and jot your notes into it. It will sync with EN, if not defined with a notebook called Penultimate. Downside: The app is old, and you feel it. But it is free …
  3. Get another app specialized in handwriting, like GoodNotes 5 (my personal preference), Notability or Nebo. The handwriting performance will be much better than anything else, plus a lot of nice features. Downside: Another app, need to import the notes into EN, will cost some bucks.
  4. You can write anyplace with the Pencil into a note, if you have activated the Scribble feature. It will read the handwriting as you write and convert it directly into computer text. Downside: No handwriting recorded, notes can’t be worked out as with handwriting.

The order is no ranking. Try them out, stick with what you like.

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23 hours ago, amyrio said:

Can I add handwritten notes to EverNote

The Evernote base format is enml (basically html)    
This is a text format, and doesn't support handwriting   
As @PinkElephant mentioned, Apple Pencil's scribble feature converts handwriting to text

Handwritten notes can be stored in Evernote as note file attachments   
In various formats;  image, pdf, native format

Evernote has a sketch feature generating an attachment file    
I prefer to use a dedicated app for handwritten notes   
I use the Notability app; there are plenty of alternatves

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I’ve been an EN user for years. Just moved to an iPad Pro, and would love to use scribble to change my handwritten notes into text in a note. My two questions after playing with this.

1. Does EN not support me wresting my palm on the ipad? Whenever I put my palm down, the text translation in scribble goes bad.

2. If I want to draw a picture in the middle of my note and don’t want that text to be converted by scribble, is there a way to do that inside the same note that I’m converting my writing into text? ie. If I’m taking notes in a meeting and need to draw a diagram of work flow with arrows, boxes….

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EN does not support handwriting on an iPad well - it lacks the abilities other, more specialized app have. Since Scribble is an iOS function, EN can't influence it. As an alternative there is the free Penultimate app from EN, that has more features for handwriting, including a palm identification.

The note data format is not compatible with freely mixing text and graphics. The format is basically HTML, which is text based. Graphical elements are embedded in between. If and how well it works together with Scribble depends on the uses.

Personally I use GoodNotes 5 for handwritten note taking. It if for this purpose much better than the more general tools offered by EN. 

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