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Evernote integration with instagram


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There is a service called postach.io that converts a notebook into a blog or website. But this AFAIK is the closes you get to publish from EN.

You can send a request by using the feedback function in the clients. On mobile you find it in settings, support.

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Hmmn.  I didn't go through the whole process,  and it looks like it might depend on what you want to achieve,  but:

  1. I use Buffer as a free service
  2. I added my Instagram account as a 'client' to receive posts from Buffer.
  3. I was told that I'd have to convert the Instagram account to a 'business' one - which was not a high bar;  I had to play around with Facebook and Insta pages as I recall,  but I am now posting to Instagram - though not,  normally,  from Evernote notes.  I'm (still) an Insta free user.
  4. I've just tried an experiment and had no problem setting up a post from my Evernote Web account via Buffer to Insta,  including one picture from a current note.
  5. The link in the draft Insta post does seem as though it would open an Evernote shared note window rather than the picture I targeted,  so exactly how the Instagram entry would look I'll leave as an exercise for anyone who wants to get further into this*. 
  6. When I have something in a note that's relevant to my IG account I might take it to the next stage,  but that might be a while.

It's also possible to save an attached image from a note to a device desktop and post that image from Buffer without involving Evernote.  Comments and #tags,  if they're in the note,  could be copied and pasted into Buffer. 

IG can also be activated directly from mobiles,  laptops and desktops and you could post an image plus comments with copy/pasted details without involving any third party app directly. 

If you're conducting any kind of media campaign,  Buffer is helpful because you can schedule times and future posts - but again it depends on what (and how much) you want to do.

All of which is basically nothing whatsoever to do with Evernote,  and I wouldn't see them making any changes to the app to help the process along.  Evernote will save your images,  your hashtags and your post comments for you;  but which of the many many social media outlets you use,  is entirely up to you!

Good luck...  and *test runs are always good: there's less embarrassment if you can catch most of the mistakes before you publish.  ;)


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You can convert the photo and post it regularly; you just need to download the photo on your desktop or mobile phone, and after that, post it via the Instagram application. Take note that if you change the format, you can lose the picture's quality, so pay attention to the format and resolution you proceed with the download. I faced the issue when I was trying to execute my social media strategy from 1394ta with my old account that Evernote photos had a pure quality because, of these reasons, it took some time to fix this issue.

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