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Evernote integration with instagram

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There is a service called postach.io that converts a notebook into a blog or website. But this AFAIK is the closes you get to publish from EN.

You can send a request by using the feedback function in the clients. On mobile you find it in settings, support.

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Hmmn.  I didn't go through the whole process,  and it looks like it might depend on what you want to achieve,  but:

  1. I use Buffer as a free service
  2. I added my Instagram account as a 'client' to receive posts from Buffer.
  3. I was told that I'd have to convert the Instagram account to a 'business' one - which was not a high bar;  I had to play around with Facebook and Insta pages as I recall,  but I am now posting to Instagram - though not,  normally,  from Evernote notes.  I'm (still) an Insta free user.
  4. I've just tried an experiment and had no problem setting up a post from my Evernote Web account via Buffer to Insta,  including one picture from a current note.
  5. The link in the draft Insta post does seem as though it would open an Evernote shared note window rather than the picture I targeted,  so exactly how the Instagram entry would look I'll leave as an exercise for anyone who wants to get further into this*. 
  6. When I have something in a note that's relevant to my IG account I might take it to the next stage,  but that might be a while.

It's also possible to save an attached image from a note to a device desktop and post that image from Buffer without involving Evernote.  Comments and #tags,  if they're in the note,  could be copied and pasted into Buffer. 

IG can also be activated directly from mobiles,  laptops and desktops and you could post an image plus comments with copy/pasted details without involving any third party app directly. 

If you're conducting any kind of media campaign,  Buffer is helpful because you can schedule times and future posts - but again it depends on what (and how much) you want to do.

All of which is basically nothing whatsoever to do with Evernote,  and I wouldn't see them making any changes to the app to help the process along.  Evernote will save your images,  your hashtags and your post comments for you;  but which of the many many social media outlets you use,  is entirely up to you!

Good luck...  and *test runs are always good: there's less embarrassment if you can catch most of the mistakes before you publish.  ;)


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