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While updating database please enable the scratchpad feature already

Ricardo Salta


If not, I will stop coming to Evernote first when I come up with one of those ideas that come out of nowhere. 

While stressing with the sight of an unexpected Evernote database update at 88%, those precious seconds were enough that I forgot the idea I wanted to Evernote. 

The scratchpad feature right when opening the app is very nice otherwise. I must say I do wonder if it has autosave.

In this case, my idea it was a Nevernote. Not nice. Maybe something you can fix soon. 


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It is not often updating the database, usually only happens after a new release. IMHO it really makes no sense to create provisions for this case.

Any changes to content (and be it the scratchpad) while the main database is updating is tricky.

Personally I would like to get an independent "QuickNote" widget back - to create a fast note without even a need to open the app.

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Absolutely agree. Although quicknote widget is already existing on Android, having a dedicated scratchpad as a widget on the OS homescreen would be a real productivity improvement. Could be the first things to impress me with EN10 😉


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