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Back button not always returning to previous page with internal links

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I have table of contents pages setup with internal note links. When I click on a note link thats located in another notebook, then press back, it will not return to the table of contents page. Unsure if this is a limitation of the web client or a bug. Thanks.

I am using Firefox 92.0.1 (64-bit).

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7 hours ago, cobbettjp said:

Yes it's just the back button in Firefox, the expected behaviour would be to return back to the table of contents page. If this is a limitation I guess I'll have to create 'back' note links.

I've always found the back button unreliable in both V10 and the legacy version. I think it normally returns to the previous note view but does not always return to the previous note within that view. I may be wrong though. I increasingly put backlinks into notes which I go back and forward to alot.

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