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What happens to my notes that are not yet uploaded?

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The application (version 7.12) on my Amazon Kindle Fire was not working and I don't want to lose any of my notes and pictures that are not yet uploaded (and they upload on the 26th of every month for me) and I've read on the afternoon of September 6 that Evernote discontinued on all Amazon devices on June 23, 2021. I don't want to risk using the Evernote application (version 10.16) on my other device as I've always used the one on my Amazon Kindle Fire.

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The Amazon app store is quite limited with the apps on offer. If you wish to use more apps you can install the Google Play Store. Your favourite search engine will offer you the solution. 

I haven't read anything about Evernote not being available on Fire tablets but it will certainly not support v10 for the time being in the same way that versions of Android prior to Android 10 do not support the new Evernote.

Choosing a Fire tablet ensures that you limit your choices since it uses a break away from Android.

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