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How can I export all notes from my Evernote account?


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Does anyone know how to export all notes/content from Evernote in 2021, before I deactivate my account?

I've tried right clicking on a notebook or note individually, and it does not show any export options. 



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Hi.  You can either go to the Notebooks page and export the content of each notebook to an ENEX file (make sure you check to ensure that Tags are included) or install the Legacy app which will work alongside the new v10 but does not include the same limitations. 

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Hi there -- I have not been able to find "Export" in any menu, for individual notes or whole notebooks. The options listed are:

Share, Move, Copy to, Duplicate, Edit tags, Add Shortcuts, Copy internal link, Find within note, Note width, Note info, Print, Move to Trash.

These seem to be the only options no matter where I click. Where is the "export" option located? Thus far I have not found it on any menu.



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2 hours ago, cate_s said:

Hi there -- I have not been able to find "Export" in any menu, for individual notes or whole notebooks.

699510214_ScreenShot2021-09-16at14_11_12.png.03210409b0746913815426f128e4e9cb.pngHere's a screenshot from my Mac
Note, I'm on the Notebook page (select the notebook icon on the sidebar panel)
and right-click on a notebook

You also have to select a format
.enex is used to import notes to an app, but is not read-able without an app
.html is read-able by any browser app

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Thank you for the suggestions, I just re-installed the desktop app on my Mac. I was trying this in the Chrome browser before, and none of those suggestions were working. 

It appears exporting is only possible from the Mac app (I now have the latest version) and Not from the Chrome browser on a Mac.

Thanks for the screenshots, got it now!

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