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My account is now EMPTY!!!

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My Evernote account is now blank, empty!  I'm not happy! It requested a new password. I'm guessing the password request goes to a email that is no longer viable. 

What am I to do now? Please tell me there is a way to recover my years of notes. I'm trying to remain calm! 
I recently got a new phone. Today is first time trying to log in with it and NOTHING!


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You probably have simply created a new account, by a typo of your user name.

Make sure you enter the correct account login to get to your notes.

Remark: IMHO it seriously sucks to use a service for years, and once you run yourself into trouble cry "This seriously sucks". No, your way of expecting a free lunch seriously sucks. You have been using EN for years - better be grateful instead of spreading a foul scent here.

If you would have read the post right above yours (!), you could have spared yourself and us the embarrassment.

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