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Can't Log in from computer app & cant log in from browser

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I can use evernote from my phone.  No longer can I use the app on the computer. It says it is a problem on your end "something went on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote"   _ For days this is going on.  I re-downloaded the app and it still wont let me open it.  So then I try to access evernote thru my browser but it says bc I am using the free account, I can only access from two places... Fine I get that in normal situations but your app has failed for days... so Therefore evernote should let me access it through the browser since this is not a fault of my own making.  When will this be fixed.  if it wont be fixed,  is there a suggestion for a more stable app?

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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user to user forum,  so this is not a problem on 'our end' over which we have any control.  Your access may have been affected initially by having too many connected devices, so the first thing to do is to disconnect everything except for the one browser access you'll need to fix things.  The message you see should be something like 'too many connected devices - would you like to disconnect some now?...' so you should go ahead and do that - you can log back in on any of those devices again when you need to - provided you limit your access to two active devices.

The only other way to access your devices would be to subscribe to the service.

Understanding the device limit 

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The app is stable, the watchdogs over the device limit are stable as well - maybe sometimes a bit aggressive.

It is most likely you are exceeding your device limit, and for whatever reason, there is not always a notification.

Use the working client on your phone. Open settings, click on Account, click on Devices. Now you see which devices are currently synced with your account.

To be able to use 2 of them, there must be no more than that. To register another one, you must be down to 1.

Caution: There is a limit on the allowed unsyncs as well. If you unsync working devices, you can get stuck with only dysfunctional devices left. Then you need to wait for 30 days until it resets, or subscribe for a month.

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Now I am locked out on my phone.  It says I am logged in to two accounts. Trust me I am not. I cant get into it anywhere.  So even if I could get into my phone version - I have zero idea what you mean by this "Use the working client on your phone."  - not a clue as to what you mean.  Nor do I know what this means "

the watchdogs over the device limit are stable as well - maybe sometimes a bit aggressive."

And you saying I may have exceeded my device limit - i would not have done that unless you locked me out of both my comptuer app and my phone app.  So I had to log in from the computer so I could post these messages.... so at that point, yes, i was logged into three devices.  even though I could not get into two of them.   So now I can get into zero devices and have zero clue what you mean in your recommendations.    I am so confused and I have never been confused by a computer or app in my life.  Please help me bc I need these files.

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I didnt even know i could log in from the browser until i got locked out by evernote.   the original message on the computer app said nothing about devices. It said  "something went on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote"   =  but then to ask my original question, I had to log into the computer browser.  At that point I did get messages saying I was over device limit. But i was essentially forced to open my account in the browser bc i saw no way to ask for help from my phone app and was fully shut out on the computer app. 

So bc of an problem that started out on your end - as the message said - "something went on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote"  I have to purchase the non free version?  bc I am locked out of the devices??

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And now I have upgraded and Paid. And I still can't get into the app on the computer.  so paying did not help a thing.  not one thing.

I have restarted. Shut down my computer and restarted.  Reinstalled the app on the computer. Restarted. Nothing. Still wont work. 

So please explain to me why i was forced to buy this app and it still wont even work. It is very frustrating. When I purchased it said would sync to all devices.  no. not so much

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 10.29.51 PM.png

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Just now, gazumped said:

As I already said - we're all users here.  There is no 'our end'.  Best I can do is show you the help page Evernote provided about devices.  Understanding the device limit

I am saying our end bc that is literally the message I get.  I am not calling the users on this forum - our end.  I am simply quoting the Evernote pop up message. 

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