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I renewed my one-year Premium subscription a week ago, now got an email to upgrade to Personal?

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What is going on with the subscriptions? I have just paid one year of Premium renewal (member since 10 years ago!). 

And I am being bombarded with emails and messages about "upgrading" to the new Personal plan? 

What the heck is that? Will my subscription be cancelled? 

I reached to Evernote, but, not surprisingly, got no answer. 

Time to leave the Evernote boat?

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If you are still on Premium, it is a rebated subscription, not eligible for an automatic upgrade to personal.

You can continue with this subscription, or decide to upgrade

When you get marketing emails from EN, you probably allowed this in your account settings. You can cut it off there as well. If you allowed it, IMHO don’t blame EN when they use it.

With popups, what worked for me was to click accept or proceed on the first page, and then dismiss it on the next. Did not come back.

If you contacted support, it would be surprising if you did not get an answer. Usually it is within a day, office hours US west coast.

Link to support:

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I renewed my legacy premium plan (the discounted one) in May @cfibanez via my recurring PayPal payment.

My upgrade offer, which popped up in the Android app, took me through to an immediate subscription within the Play store - meaning I'd be charged the discounted fee (was it $45 ? Can't remember) immediately, followed by the full price $55 in 1 year. 

So, as I think has been reported elsewhere:

- You're billed immediately (irrespective of how much time you've left to run out of your current subscription)
- The offer is 1 year - full price thereafter
- You might need to cancel your original method of  payment (mine's a recurring PayPal payment as I said above) if you inadvertently subscribe via the app store.. I'm sure Evernote wouldn't charge you twice but then again....


For now, then, I'm hanging (clinging) on to legacy premium. But I hope these bloody popups bugger off.

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In the cases reported here in the forum, the new subscription was booked, and a few days later the rest of the old was refunded to the account. I am not sure whether this works as well when 2 different payment channels are used.

This is a good question for support.

About the popups: I accepted the offer on the first page, and cut the process off on the next. No more popups, up to now, and of course no upgrade.

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