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Everytime I try to open my Evernote on my Motorola phone it flashes and goes back to the home screen. I'm sure that I have the latest version. I have been using Evernote for YEARS and I have a number of notes and photos that I cannot access anywhere else.

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This is an often reported (in the forum) bug since 10.14 after installation/update. No fix from Evernote. Please try reinstalling, that in most cases helps out. Please let us know afterwards. Thank you.

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I have the same problem with my Motorola G100 running Evernote 10.15 and stock Android 11.

As soon as I reboot my phone, I instantly get a notification that "Evernote keeps crashing" and my 3 options are "Close the app", "Info about app" and "Send Feedback".

And I get these options without even pressing the app icon. I've tried clearing the cache but it hasn't helped.

I'm too scared to do an uninstall and reinstall, due to I'm not sure all my recent notes have synced fully.

I've looked via the web client and I am missing some notes, but unsure on how many.

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There is no other way than to completely uninstall the app, delete all data, switch the device off and on again and try a reinstall.

Mobile devices are not „fixable“, like computers used to be, working some registry magic.

After the reinstall and login, EN will download what’s on the server. Wait the initial sync to run through before you start using the app.

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