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Arbitrary unrelated tags assigned whe adding a website link to Evernote

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It seems Evernote has been getting worse on smartphone. Now when I add links from websites, it automatically assigns several unrelated tugs to my link and only offers to add tags, not to just create one or assign my own tag to the link.. As a result, I have to waste my time going through the list of all the tags and in-assign the arbitrary added ones. It seems like developers are completely unaware of this. 

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Many users have been experiencing this major annoyance for months now. It has been discussed here and is becoming untenable.

It is inconceivable that product managers at Evernote are ignoring this issue which drastically reduces the utility of Evernote for Android users - over 60% of the mobile installed base worldwide.

I'm giving it another month and then, if it still is not fixed, will find some other way to keep notes. I'd certainly welcome any suggestions as well as user experience comments on exporting notes from Evernote.

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I came here for this. I've been with evernote for years, ALL my research is here for ALL my work, but it's getting so difficult to add a note from my android phone or tablet that I've been looking at alternatives - Notion? My major issue is tagging - when I create a new note it just repopulates with tags from previous note. So then I have to search for that tag and unclick it, which of course takes time. Then go through the labourious (why is evernote sooo slow atm???) of adding correct tags. I just gave up tagging from my devices so really reduces the value of the app. 

As a previous contributors have said, it is inconceivable that developers don't know about this issue and/or haven't fixed it. 

It seems like they are moving more to project management style and are less interested in what is for me the core functionality, the notetaking. 

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