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  1. Thanks, JMichael, for sharing your template. I've been meaning to update my insurance for household contents, and this would be a great way to organize it, with photos of particular items included.
  2. On OS/X 10.9.4, I finally found the com.evernote.Evernote under ~/Library/CoreData. I hope this helps someone else find this stupid moving target. For dog's sake, let us choose the location of the data like we can in the Windows version!!!
  3. I'm definitely in agreement that this would be a most useful feature. I too run across conflicts at least once a month, having EN on three different devices. EN does a pretty good job of syncing them, but when there are conflicts, they're typically in large notes that are hard to merge without some outside help.
  4. Note that you can also get, for free, the Daum equation editor for Chrome from the chrome store. It allows you to save formulas you create as either text or an image which you can easily embed in your note.
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