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  1. Thanks, JMichael, for sharing your template. I've been meaning to update my insurance for household contents, and this would be a great way to organize it, with photos of particular items included.
  2. Hi all, I'd like to enter a location for a particular note by manually entering the latitude and longitude. I know I can do this on the Windows platform by clicking on the Location area on the note info window, but it won't accept the lat & long that I get directly from Google Earth, which is, for example: Latitude: 33°44'51.26" N Longitude: 104°59'13.30" W So, in the input field, I enter: 33°44'51.26" N,104°59'13.30" W But the OK button is still disabled. I tried replacing the degrees, minutes and seconds characters with spaces, but still can't click the OK button. Does anyone know what EN expects for latitude, longitude, and optional altitude in this dialog box? Thanks, Don
  3. On OS/X 10.9.4, I finally found the com.evernote.Evernote under ~/Library/CoreData. I hope this helps someone else find this stupid moving target. For dog's sake, let us choose the location of the data like we can in the Windows version!!!
  4. Hi all, I've been running Evernote for a long time now, and I have it on a Mac pro (16G), Win7 (home premium 64b) (16g ram) and my Android (2g ram). Of all these, Win7 is the slowest to start up. I have an 8 core 3.1Ghz laptop, with up to 12Mbs network connection (the same for all other devices), but for some reason, EN takes a good 60 seconds before it comes up when I first start it on my Win7. On the Mac, it's about 3 seconds, same for Android. What's going on with the WIn7 version? Thanks!
  5. In a recent update for Android, the to-do check marks changed color from the easy to see black to a light green. I hate it! For example, I have a very large grocery list, and it has become much more difficult to see checked items when scrolling quickly through my list. Is there any way I can change the color of the check marks back to black? Has anyone else found this to be a problem? Thanks! Don
  6. This is an older thread, but I'll reply in case someone else is interested. I have pictures in many of my notes, and they are all visible because I use the Snippet view. It's very simple to use this (on Win client, View->Snippet View, or Ctrl+F6). I don't do anything special to make sure the picture is visible in the view - it just shows up when in that view.
  7. I'm definitely in agreement that this would be a most useful feature. I too run across conflicts at least once a month, having EN on three different devices. EN does a pretty good job of syncing them, but when there are conflicts, they're typically in large notes that are hard to merge without some outside help.
  8. Okay, this is very strange. I went through the note with the win client, removed the horizontal line, replaced with some dashes. Synched android client. When I view the note, I see the dashed lines instead of horizontal separator. When I edit the note, the horizontal separators are back! Can't edit the note. What the heck is going on?
  9. I have a list that I created in the Windows version of EN (ver., which I cannot edit in the Android EN. When I open the note, and go into edit mode, there is a faint banner across the top of the screen that says "This note contains some unsupported formatting", and it gives me a separate space to enter new text, but I cannot modify the existing text. I have only edited this note in EN, it was not pasted in from some other application. The formatting in the note includes check boxes, bold, underlined, italicized text, and horizontal rules. Hopefully, you can suggest a way around this problem. Thanks, Don Nelson
  10. Note that you can also get, for free, the Daum equation editor for Chrome from the chrome store. It allows you to save formulas you create as either text or an image which you can easily embed in your note.
  11. Ok, it's a new year and 3.5 months after the last post... is there any status update wrt offline notes? Sure would be useful for an already awesome app! Thanks for your hard work and quality product. Don
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