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Embedded Audio Files

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3 minutes ago, kmd2@interven.com said:

If I drag and drop an audio file into a Note (Mac Desktop), does Evernote make a copy of the file and store it somewhere? If so, can I delete the original file and still have access to the recording in the note?

Yes, Evernote creates a copy of the file    
After syncing, the audio file is uploaded and stored on the Evernote servers

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All content that was attached* to a note is saved in the own database of EN. It is then synced to the server, and stored in pretty safe cloud DataCenters operated by Google. I would say it is as safe as it can be.

However content can get lost, the easiest way without a recovery because the user himself deleted the note, and emptied the trash.

So it is up to your own safety feeling whether you keep a copy of the file, or delete it.

(*) exception is content that is only linked to a note.

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