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Formatting the Appearance of Tasks



I am entering into a new semester in graduate school and entering all my due dates [i.e. tasks] for each class into one note by week and would LOVE to be able to change font color of the text/bold/highlight to visually show the type of task it is (like I used to do with the check boxes).  This would allow me to easily see the different types of tasks I have coming up within the note (I use different colors for reading assignments, tests, papers, etc.).  For instance, pink means I  have a writing assignment that takes more time vs. just plain reading.  I understand the tasks tab sorts these by date [not by priority, etc], but colored font for tasks would be super useful without cluttering my notes with workarounds.

I realize your teams have much bigger ideas and projects, but this would help out the little guy who is hooked on Evernote.  By the way, LOOOOOOVE the new tasks!  Being able to see all my tasks for the week will save me A LOT of work.  Looking forward to the day they will merge with my Google calendar 😄

Semester Checklist.jpg

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I'm guessing you've seen this Evernote blog post about some task enhancements: https://evernote.com/blog/whats-next-for-tasks/

It doesn't look like formatting the color of the task is on their roadmap -- unless this is it: "More flexible formatting of tasks in the note editor—for example, the ability to indent tasks as part of an outline." -- but that would be cool if they did it. 

"Use more than one flag color" is perhaps on their radar, but the blog doesn't mention they are working on it.

I know you said you didn't want to do any work-arounds -- but perhaps prefixing your task text with an emoji isn't too bad of a work-around - since it adds right to the task and makes it visually different.

Something like this:


You can also query by the emoji too, so you could filter all your tasks of type: 📖   (but hrmm - this doesn't seem to work for the ✪ emoji so YMMV here with the filtering on different emojis)


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Although limited, different flag colors is a step in the right direction.

Another idea would be to allow a user-defined alpha numeric codes [i.e. "P1"] that could be sorted.

But, overall I think I could make the emojis work for me until more options flow down to the user.  I am hopeful since EN has been working hard in making significant improvements to the overall experience.

Thanks for the QUICK response!

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I think it would be great if we could color-code the task bullet points, as well as the actual text in each task!


Right now, I am trying to keep track of my to-dos in a Note so that I can see all the subjects color-coded, all in one place (Today).

My gripe is that there is no way to select multiple checklist items (by dragging the bar next to it) to move them all at once, unless you copy and paste. It's tedious to move each one individually so I wish this was all just in the regular Tasks feature.

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