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Unable to save mail-messages from Office365 using the Outlook Add-in.

Fred van den Heuvel



I am using 2 MacBook Pro systems. On both PC's I have installed Evernote with the same credentials. One PC is my private system and the other one is a Business PC. Evernote is synchronising the content over both PC's, however when synchronising emails from outlook, this works from my business PC (and the messages are shown on both devices) but when synchronising emails from my Private PC I get an error message ("Internal error. Try again and contact Evernote Support"). I can select the different notebooks and tags that are active in Evernote, but the message itself is not synchronised. I am using the add-in for Outlook on both PC's.

Next to that I do not have any problems with web clipper, which is also perfectly synchronised.

What am I doing wrong here?


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Added more information for extra clarification.
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@agsteele after you made your comment it occurred to me that I use Outlook to see my Exchange Server emails, but I also have other non-exchange emails loading into outlook.  It seems the problem i am having is only with non-exchange emails (iCloud, gmail, etc) that I get the error message, so your comment has some merit.

I wish Evernote Outlook Add-In would work with all emails connected to the Outlook Application.

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This add-in issue had been around for sometime. Long before v10 of Evernote was released. The only option is to forward my Email for non-Exchange messages or, I suppose, to cope and paste. You could create a macro to forward a message.

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From the initial v10 release notes



To use EN with outlook, see this help file:


Note that there are configurations with outlook as mail client that won’t work. Especially in a company setup you will need admin support.

To contact support:


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