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Private, Locked & SuperSecret Notes



I want more privacy and security for my Evernote Client. If there is a note locking with password feature i will definetly buy highest package. I meaning by private notes is notes in unseen on home screen private folder, locked notes is notes protected by simple 6 digit number password, SuperSecret notes is may require password, phone or email 2fa. If Evernote gives more importance to the security of notes, it would be a excellent app. If the Evernote team doesn't like to do this, I'm thinking of doing something myself using the developer APIs by keeping an encrypted note in the Evernote database, decrypt it with my own client, and perform CRUD operations.

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EN relies on a bunch of server based services to work its magic.

This is contrary to a strong encryption. I doubt that EN will go to the hassle to create „secured“ niches in a service that is tuned to run on non encrypted content (to be more precise, content is encrypted on the server as well, but EN holds the master key used by its bots to do their job). If the content would be massively encrypted, most of the functions that set EN apart would stop to work.

This means if you are in search for Fort Knox security, change to another service. Boxcryptor is one of the better known, that encrypts everything dropped on it before uploading to a number of cloud services.

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On 8/2/2021 at 11:53 PM, orhanc said:

Private, Locked & SuperSecret Notes     
 I want more privacy and security for my Evernote Client ...
I'm thinking of doing something myself using the developer APIs by keeping an encrypted note in the Evernote database, decrypt it with my own client...

For sensitive data, I use the native encryption of note attachment files; pdfs, Office/iWork documents, ...

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