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Adding a Bookshelf to the side bar to help with grouping organizing all Stacks, notebooks and pages.

G Hernandez


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Interesting idea, other apps do something like this. If it really helps depends on your way of seeing things. Some like it when things are arranged in the digital world to mimic the real place, others hate it.

What I miss in your list of growing items are tags. My impression from your words is that you don’t use EN to its potential, relying too much on notebooks. This creates the „how do I keep soooooo many notebooks organized“ syndrom. You could use tags instead of many little notebooks, and get a much more dynamic view of your notes.

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7 hours ago, G Hernandez said:

I would love to organize all my stacks, notebooks, and pages on a "bookshelf."

Is Bookshelf an Android thing?
Please provide some details     
Also, I understand stacks, notebooks; but not the reference to "pages"

For myself, the notebook/tag trees provide organization   
I also have select tags/notes/searches in the shortcut section   
I also reflect hierarchy in the tag names

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There are other apps like Noteshelf (sic), GoodNotes and more that show their content as (note)books on a shelf.

Some even go so far that clicking on a book seems to take it off the shelf and open it.

Not specific to Android, more to a certain way to do a graphical UI.

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