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Is it possible to use a drop-down filter on the column headers in an Evernote Table and to show only the filtered rows?

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I import data/content I want to use in Evernote in the form of HTML tables (taken from external sources into Evernote).  The tables are simple - they have a header row and then each row in the table if filled with various values.  I  want to search the table in this note using a dropdown filter.

 A simple example could be a table of 2 columns (and 100 rows) with ColA= City ColB= Items.    If I was using Excel, and my cities were 'Paris', 'Tokyo', 'Wellington' I could add a dropdown filter and select for example 'Paris' and see only the X rows with Paris out of the 100  - a well known function.

Evernote has a hint of a dropdown function - if you click on a cell in a table, you do see a dropdown symbol - but it is only to offer a few choices of changing color, changing width, delete rows.  Nice function but no actual filtering of any of the data option -  though the ability to select deletion whole row or whole column suggests Evernote has some awareness of the table contents?

My question - is there any way to insert such a dropdown filter to a Note, either directly by Evernote, or programmatically (eg if code written to use dropdown boxes in the HTML before importing to Evernote will the function still be available in EN -- or -- is this whole new difficulty outside of EN?

The search function on all notes is close but not enough - tags would need to be added to ensure limiting the notes being searched and the result still displays the full table with a highlight of searched items (and i need to know all the items before deciding the search).

I could not see this being asked before, and apologies if I am missing something obvious, and I also trust this is entered in the 'right' category.







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Hi.  If your search target is an entire row of the spreadsheet,  then saving each row as a separate note would allow you to search for all notes tagged "Paris" (forinstance) and see the information ranked in the search hits window.  However it sounds like you're importing too much data to want any extra conversion between spreadsheet rows and single notes,  so the short answer I think is "No - Evernote can't do this".  Much easier to use a spreadsheet and attach it to a note so that it will be available to view or edit wherever you access Evernote. 

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EN tables do nothing with the data, except of displaying it.

As you mentioned the Dropdown-Menü menu is only for formatting the cells, not for any data manipulation.

More is requested since long, like simple SUM / MAX / MIN / COUNT functions, or sorting. I don’t have the impression this is high on the EN backlog of functions, if it is there at all. 

Put the information to a spreadsheet, and use this is the current workaround.

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