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Hi, I've been with Evernote for around 9 years, it's been, my whole organizer.

Over time I've had a look at other sites, even Notion, but nothing compares with Evernote.

My reason for this message is, using the new "Home" update makes my organizing even better. But I'm disappointed that the customizing is only for "Premium" holders, I've been paying for "Plus", surely we can have the same benefits to customize.

But now I have gone back to Basic, and I’m back looking for alternatives.

I am so disappointed.

Cheers Bob

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Your discussion title is misleading

For organizing with a dashboard, I use my own customized note   
It's a combination dashboard, planner and daily journal   
It's the first item in Shortcuts, so quick access with command-1   
There's a dashboard discussion forum at forum/644-home-dashboards/

>customizing is only for "Premium" holders

Are you sure about that - I don't think customizing is a Premium option   

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The Plus subscription was taken off the shelf since long, as they now took the "old" Premium off it. Existing users could continue, or upgrade (standard Premium were auto-upgraded to Personal, just "rebated Premium" could continue for a reduced price). For continuing the name of the game was "old price, old features".

What always surprises me is that fellow users somehow think they just need to hang on long enough, and then must be entitled for something. We pay for what we get, and when we got it, it is done and forgotten.

The way to get new features is clear. It is not by sticking to the old plans.

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