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(Archived) Multi-user task lists ("ToDo" items)

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Hi All,

I am new to Evernote (2 days), so I apologize in advance if this is a well known issue that I have overlooked. I am trying to figure out a logical workflow, but it seems EN may not be set up for what I want to do though it seems to me that it would be an obvious use for an application like this. I have looked through the forum and the manual, but do not see any mention of this.

Very simply, what I want to be able to do is create a to-do list and assign the individual items to a specific person for completion. Then that person would be able to simply pull up a list of all of the teasks assigned to them. We have a small home-based business and just need to keep two people organized on several projects.

Here are two scenarios and the issues I found with each of them:

Scenario one - Create a notebook for each project and then make a separate note for each task and tag each note to the person who's task it is. This is effectively using an individual note as a "to-do" item and a notebook as a "to-do" list. There are a few problems with this. Firstly, I understand there is a 100 notebook limit so we would run out of notebooks very fast. This is also a very cumbersome way to make a task list as each item is a separate note.

Scenario two - Create a notebook for each project (same 100 notebook limit as mentioned above) and create one "note" for each user with each containing a "ToDo" checkbox list. In addition to the aforementioned notebook limit, this also does not allow us to see all of the project tasks in one place.

My ideal scenario would be as follows:

* Unlimited notebooks so we can have one notebook for each project (I understand that this is not how EN is meant to be used due to DB limitations)

* The ability to make checklists that allow me to assign an individual item to a different user

* Ability to pull up tasks bu user, project, pending, completed or any combination

* Would be really nice if this allowed you to have comments and statuses on each ToDo item, but I know this may be asking for a bit much

Now, before anyone mentions it, yes I am aware that other products (e.g., Backpack) offer this functionality, but I am looking for this to work with EN because of the other features that EN offers as well as the price difference). Backpack is $24/mo rather than $45/yr. I also like the EN has a local application and is not purely web-based. I also like the Android integration.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I too am a new user (2 weeks) and I too have a home based business. I am looking for the same functionality as you. I am a realtor. Here is how we do it:

Each property/topic has a Notebook. Example: "Property: Bustle Lane 3211" , and "Property: Ormsby Rd 871". I also have a "TO DO NEIL" Notebook.

This is what the TO DO NEIL Notebook looks like:

Bustle Lane


Neil call ABC to arrange inspection for 10-31-2010 at 9:00 am. 502-555-5555.

Robin call Steve Smith to nail down closing date. 502-555-5555 Neil, closing date is set for 11-24-2010


Neil verify shingles ordered.

Ormsby Rd


Neil send check to XYZ.

The above is all in black type indicating Neil entered it. If Robin has something for Neil to do or comment on, she types it in blue type.

When a task is completed Neil cuts from the TO DO NEIL Notebook and pastes to the Bustle Notebook.

Certainly not ideal. Any ideas you have would be welcomed.

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* If the 100 notebook is really a problem, you could use two notebooks: 'Active Projects' and 'Inactive Projects'. Create your project notes in 'Active projects', and then the project is closed, move those notes to 'Inactive Projects'

* Identify notes for a particular project by adding a tag with the project's name, and tag the project notes with it.

* For tasks, tag is with, say 'Task', and to assign to someone, tag the task with the assignee's name. There's no problem with making comments on the item; it's just a note.

* Want to track status? Add a new set of tags for status, e.g. 'StatusPending', 'StatusComplete', whatever your system uses. Tag tasks as appropriate.

To find all notes in your project, including tasks, use search: 'tag:MyProject'

To find all of the tasks in your project, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task'

To find all of Robin's tasks, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task tag:Robin'

To find all of Robin's pending tasks, use: 'tag:MyProject tag:Task tag:Robin tag:statusPending'

and so on...


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Many new users (myself included) started with too many low-level very specific notebooks at the beginning.

I'm up to 8,000 notes and have reduced the number of notebooks down to 7 high-level broad topics.

Tags, searches, and attributes do the legwork now.

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