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  1. I am using Reminders in EN Desktop which then posts the Reminders to my Sunrise calendar. The EN Desktop lets me pick a date and start time, but no end time. It posts the reminder in blocks of 1 hour. However some of my meetings are for more than an hour. When I try to adjust the time on my Sunrise calendar I am blocked from doing that - it just reverts to the 1 hour time slot. Is there a way for me to adjust Sunrise to reflect the desired scheduled time? Thanks Neil
  2. Cal, I am using 3 programs: EN Web EN WebClipper and EN Desktop (for Windows). Until this morning I didn't realize that EN Web and EN Desktop were not identical. I still don't see the layout configuration you show with an inbox on any of them. But when I use Desktop, I am able to make "due date" the default for reminders. But not on EN Web or Clipper. Thank you
  3. Illustrious I have no idea where to see what you are showing. I have attached my snippet again. Sorry, just not familiar with this. I have 2 EN programs - one I launch from my desktop and the other is Evernote Clipper. Does this help?
  4. If you view your notes in Snippet view, at the top of the note list is the reminder area. You can set that to sort in date order. Can't do it in List view. Illustrious, thank you, but how do I get to snippet view? When I go to the reminder area I am offered "Custom" and "Due Date". But I cant get "Due Date" to become the default - on refreshing it defaults to "custom"....... See attachment
  5. Thank you! 1 Actually it was the reminder that I would like to have the default sort automatically and permanently by "Due Date" and not "Custom" as it is now. I don't see how to change the "Custom" anyway, but I don't really care about that - I'd li9ke to see the reminders by due date.... 2 My preferences and options do not have the email set up option. Maybe that comes with Premium membership? 3 Thanks for the calendar integration tip - I'll try it. Thank you!
  6. 1 How do I permanently get evernote windows to display my task in a list that is sorted by date due? I keep on having to re-order my list. 2 Can I get evernote to email me when a task is due? 3 Can I integrate evernote reminders with my google calendar? I'm a newbie - thanks!
  7. I too am a new user (2 weeks) and I too have a home based business. I am looking for the same functionality as you. I am a realtor. Here is how we do it: Each property/topic has a Notebook. Example: "Property: Bustle Lane 3211" , and "Property: Ormsby Rd 871". I also have a "TO DO NEIL" Notebook. This is what the TO DO NEIL Notebook looks like: Bustle Lane 10-22-2010 Neil call ABC to arrange inspection for 10-31-2010 at 9:00 am. 502-555-5555. Robin call Steve Smith to nail down closing date. 502-555-5555 Neil, closing date is set for 11-24-2010 10-23-2010 Neil verify shingles ordered. Ormsby Rd 10-20-2010 Neil send check to XYZ. The above is all in black type indicating Neil entered it. If Robin has something for Neil to do or comment on, she types it in blue type. When a task is completed Neil cuts from the TO DO NEIL Notebook and pastes to the Bustle Notebook. Certainly not ideal. Any ideas you have would be welcomed.
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