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  1. Note History, has nothing to do with the main issue here which is that notes entered while offline, on a portable device, are obliterated when re-connecting to a PC. Hi. My post was not meant to provide a solution to any specific problem, but rather to summarize some of the best practices mentioned by other users, and express my agreement with them. I don't know what the main issue is in this thread, because there are several ones, but because note histories provide the opportunity to retrieve a previous version of a note, they seem relevant here. Hi "Grumpy" - I didn't really mean for that to be a criticism of your post, I know everyone here is either complaining or trying to help (some, like me, both) :-). I was just saying that the OP and all, but one other effected user (by my memory) had an issue with syncing from an offline file. I was just saying that, for those with the same problem as the thread was started because of, should not get false hope that Note History would benefit them in any way. The solution that I recommended / described (and one other user referred to) could actually save them. Sorry if it came off as a criticism of you - not meant that way at all.
  2. Note History, has nothing to do with the main issue here which is that notes entered while offline, on a portable device, are obliterated when re-connecting to a PC.
  3. PLEASE READ THIS POST IT MAY HELP YOU RECOVER YOUR DATA Ok, so let me start by saying I had this same issue described by other users where I had started a note on my computer and then continued it on my iPad while offline. When I returned to my computer and then turned my iPad on t synchronize, I saw the complete note on my iPad and then, as soon as it connected to the network, the note simply dissappeared right before my eyes. There does not appear to be any "undo" function and there was certainly no option to resolve a conflict in the data between the two sources (not that they should need that). Amazingly, Evernote gave preference to the older of the two files (not sure if that was because it was older, because it was on the computer rather than the iPad, or if it is just random). In any case, Evernote dropped instantly from one of my favorite apps to one I will never use again until this HUGE bug is fixed. Insane that this is an issue. The other commenters' posts tailing about the need to back up your computer and not relying on the cloud to protect your data may be good advice in general, but has nothing at all to do with this issue since the data lost was on a portable device and never made it to the computer in the first place. Ok, so, now to how I got my data back... On my iPad, I opened the note that got partially erased (all was gone other than what was already on the computer) In the bottom left corner, I clicked on the gear icon (this opens a raw data log that has the all info that was entered buried in a mix of HTML and plain text) Next, I clicked on "Mail", in the top right corner of the "Activity Log" box and sent the log, in plain text form, to my email. I then saved that file on my computer AS AN HTML FILE Now that it was an HTML file, I was able to open in it in my browser and find the deleted note, fully intact! I am very glad that I could recover my data, but it does not make me comfortable enough to continue to trust Evernote with ANY important information. It is really amazing that no one from Evernote has chimed in on this thread with this info or, better yet, some helpful advice on how to avoid this situation, if there is a way. I have to assume this does not happen every time someone syncs or no one would use it on multiple devices any more. In fairness, I have not yet emailed tech support, but I will. The fact is, though, that I should not have to email them to fix this obvious issue, assuming that there is a fix. They should push a fix or send an email to members or, in some way, communicate a solution. I hope this helps!
  4. Hi All, I am new to Evernote (2 days), so I apologize in advance if this is a well known issue that I have overlooked. I am trying to figure out a logical workflow, but it seems EN may not be set up for what I want to do though it seems to me that it would be an obvious use for an application like this. I have looked through the forum and the manual, but do not see any mention of this. Very simply, what I want to be able to do is create a to-do list and assign the individual items to a specific person for completion. Then that person would be able to simply pull up a list of all of the teasks assigned to them. We have a small home-based business and just need to keep two people organized on several projects. Here are two scenarios and the issues I found with each of them: Scenario one - Create a notebook for each project and then make a separate note for each task and tag each note to the person who's task it is. This is effectively using an individual note as a "to-do" item and a notebook as a "to-do" list. There are a few problems with this. Firstly, I understand there is a 100 notebook limit so we would run out of notebooks very fast. This is also a very cumbersome way to make a task list as each item is a separate note. Scenario two - Create a notebook for each project (same 100 notebook limit as mentioned above) and create one "note" for each user with each containing a "ToDo" checkbox list. In addition to the aforementioned notebook limit, this also does not allow us to see all of the project tasks in one place. My ideal scenario would be as follows: * Unlimited notebooks so we can have one notebook for each project (I understand that this is not how EN is meant to be used due to DB limitations) * The ability to make checklists that allow me to assign an individual item to a different user * Ability to pull up tasks bu user, project, pending, completed or any combination * Would be really nice if this allowed you to have comments and statuses on each ToDo item, but I know this may be asking for a bit much Now, before anyone mentions it, yes I am aware that other products (e.g., Backpack) offer this functionality, but I am looking for this to work with EN because of the other features that EN offers as well as the price difference). Backpack is $24/mo rather than $45/yr. I also like the EN has a local application and is not purely web-based. I also like the Android integration. Thanks in advance for your help.
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