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Huge fan. Lots of notes. The desktop program is eating up memory all the time, every day, and I can't seem to get it under control. Is there a fix in the works? Or does a recent update solve this issue?




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This „back to legacy“ can be a solution, but it has its downsides:

- no new features 

- unknown time to use it (if it stops one day, I assume there will a warning)

I prefer not to stay completely on legacy, but use it only for features still missing in v10.

The memory usage of v10 is higher that that of many other apps. If this is ok, then use it.

It can go even higher when processes are not terminated by therapy. For this situation cmd-q (Mac) does help. On Windows ctrl-q, or on both quitting the app through the menu. Only closing it won’t help.

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… which can be the plan to switch to v10 after it gained the features you are missing. 

If features that will not return are critical to your use cases, use legacy as an intermediate step stone, and move on elsewhere.

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On Windows, mine is currently using 2.7Gb. After stopping and restarting, it jumped to over 3, but settled down back to 2.7. However, because of other software I run, I bought my latest laptop with 64Gb. But even on my last one at 32Gb, Evernote was never a problem. Now, if I had a 4Gb machine, that would be an issue, but I couldn't do my work on such a config, so...

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