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Shortcut key Ctrl+Z(Recovery) sometimes are not stable



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Hi.  Not sure what help you're looking for here.  You could check to see whether this is your local system by using Legacy for a while;  or try File > Exiting Evernote and then signing in again,  or (if the situation continues) powering off and restarting your device:  but 'sometimes' and 'after a while' means this is an intermittent and probably low priority issue,  unless it has been reported by others.  As you're a subscriber,  you could reach out to Support (we're not them) to see whether they've had any other comments on this.

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As @gazumped says. This sounds, to me, to be a hardware issue.  Possibly your mouse is losing focus in the Evernote window which would mean that Ctrl+Z would not work.  Are you using a laptop/notebook with a trackpad? Could you be catching the trackpad with your hand while you work.  I think you will need to work out exactly what you can do to reproduce the problem and describe that in a support ticket - assuming that you have proved it isn't something outside Evernote.

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