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Linking to Local Windows Explorer / Outlook Folders No Longer Supported?

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I have been out of the work environment for a few months but now back to using Evernote as my daily planner, journal etc ... probably for the first time since the new gen apps have been rolled out (I use windows, mac & android).

Previously, my daily workflow included creating links in notes to local windows explorer and / or Outlook folders on my primary work device (windows) to make finding files and emails easier ... it all worked perfectly and I always knew these links wouldn't work on my secondary mac and mobile devices.

Now, Evernote won't let me add a link that uses C:\  or Outlook:\\ as the prefix ... this is really annoying!

Microsoft Office apps support this approach but I really don't want to ditch Evernote for Onenote because of this ... especially when it worked before!

Anything I can do?






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23 hours ago, _Mark M_ said:

Anything I can do?

I also hope this will get fixed. The workaround on Windows is to create a Windows shortcut to the file or folder you want to link to. Then attach the windows shortcut to your note (e.g. by dragging and dropping it into the note). It works well for me but obviously you cannot have it inline as it is an attachment and demands space! Tables work well though:


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