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  1. I'm seeing the issue of notes with 0 open tasks appearing in the Tasks view on latest versions of Mac, Windows and android! I've tried logging out on each platform and this does fix it ... for a day or 2 and then it comes back! I had just committed some time to adapt my system to using Evernote to manage tasks and had come up with a methodology that may work but the issue of leaving note entries with zero open tasks means that I can't continue. Will this be fixed soon or do I abandon hope for Tasks in Evernote?
  2. I have been out of the work environment for a few months but now back to using Evernote as my daily planner, journal etc ... probably for the first time since the new gen apps have been rolled out (I use windows, mac & android). Previously, my daily workflow included creating links in notes to local windows explorer and / or Outlook folders on my primary work device (windows) to make finding files and emails easier ... it all worked perfectly and I always knew these links wouldn't work on my secondary mac and mobile devices. Now, Evernote won't let me add a link that uses C:\ or Outlook:\\ as the prefix ... this is really annoying! Microsoft Office apps support this approach but I really don't want to ditch Evernote for Onenote because of this ... especially when it worked before! Anything I can do?
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