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Multi-word tag format when emailing to Evernote

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Probably a basic question, but when I email an article (or anything) to my Evernote and want to include tags that consist of multiple words, what is the correct format to use?

For example, I created tags such as "freelance translation", or "language volunteer work", and it's no problem to add these to a note already within Evernote, but in an email where you put the tag in the subject line (in last place), I've tried writing the words out separately, all together as one word, separated by full stops, and separated by underscores. None of these work.

It's not a major issue. It would just be convenient, if it's possible.

Thanks for any tips!

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Tried this ?

title @mynotebook #simpletag #“a complex tag“

In EN quotation marks usually define everything in between as one string, includes spaces. I am not sure it will do in this case.

In general in tags the best way to avoid spaces is to replace them by under_scores.

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