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Is Evernote Plus finally ending?

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I just checked the billing on my account and the following message popped up:


Your Evernote Plus subscription will expire on Invalid Date and will not renew. After that date, your account level will be downgraded to Evernote Basic

I'm still on Evernote Plus since before they removed that. So is this plan finally ending for current subscribers?

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 1.22.35 AM.png

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Hi.  We're a -mainly- user-supported forum,  so no information on Evernote's billing or strategy,  but it actually looks a bit amateur-hour to tell you that your subscription expires on 'invalid date'...  I'd suspect a glitch in the matrix and maybe suggest a payment issue query - 



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Had the same issue. It seems they put invalid date when the subscription is controlled by an external service. In my case I pay through my iTunes account. Just got the reminder that the subscription is due in a few weeks.

Nothing to bother about, they still want our money.

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