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Unable to start v10 after latest update



I use v10 primarily, (v10.15.6) but also use Evernote Legacy sometimes. (I'm a Premium user.) I downloaded the latest update yesterday but v10 didn't relaunch and now I can't get it to open at all whichever way I try! Legacy works fine.

So, I thought I'd do a complete uninstall/reinstall of v10 but I thought I better check with you guys before doing so. Can anyone foresee any problems?  Maybe someone has had the same problem but thought of another solution?




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DTLow - firstly, thanks for replying so quickly. I'm sorry it's taken a while to reply, but Windows decided to take the opportunity of my restart and throw in a crafty update - need I say more! You're an absolute genius because that worked! 

Separate question - why does v10 take sooo long to load compared to Legacy which is pretty quick?




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It takes longer because legacy runs on a local data base, and sync that with the cloud server. But you start on local, and you work on local.

v10 always starts from the cloud database (if you are not offline), and syncs every change  with the server. This takes longer, depending on your internet connection significantly longer. I have a Gigabit connection, there it is negligible. But if you are on a poor line, it can be significant.

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