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Unable to Change to a New Email Address

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Hello. I have been using Evernote since 2010. In that time, I've attempted  on different occasions to update my email address. When I signed up I used an account from my personal domain which I no longer use but must continue to keep open for Evernote (and every known spammer). 

I have used the Change Email Address in my Account Settings. I would then receive an email on the relevant account advising me to reset my password. I successfully set up a password for the email address and used it to login to Evernote where I would be met with a blank slate, devoid of my content. 

The upshot of this: all three of my email accounts have their own passwords. Only the one I've been attempting to shut down has any of my content. 

There is no possible way to contact anyone from Evernote except, it would seem, through this forum. 

Did I miss a step? Must I port all my content to a different account? 

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On 6/7/2021 at 4:46 PM, drainsdon said:

There is no possible way to contact anyone from Evernote except, it would seem, through this forum

Hi.  Sorry to disappoint you,  but this is a (mainly) user-supported forum.  To contact Support try https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

You could also run through this process to try updating your details again - How to change your account login email address

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I really find it impossible to get help from Evernote. The link above takes you to a loop where it keeps asking you to login - I log in - but then I am kicked out of the help page.  I cannot figure out how to change the email address on my main evernote account. Every time I try it says the account already exists. My current email address will be gone in a few days and I am worried about losing all my evernotes.
Please advise how to speak to a human.


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If it does not accept the second address, it is already in use. This means there is another account with this address already.

Use another one, or get a new one, maybe from a free mail provider. Make sure it works before you start swapping mail addresses, you may need it.

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I have the same issue and can't find the correct solution from any of the reply. I connect my Evernote with an email address abc@gmail.com but this email address is going to be deactivated by the school, so I have to change the Evernote associated email to 123@gmail.com, it doesn't allow me to do so. It shows that 123@gmail.com is being used. So I try to deactivate 123@gmai.com to make it an address not associated with any evernote account, but it pops-up "service error".

I don't want to swap the email addresses between two separate Evernote accounts. But just want to change one email address to another.

The solutions provided above takes me to an endless loop.

I pay for Evernote plus, but still not able to get any support when I have issues. This bad experience made me to think about quitting Evernote forever. 

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On 8/22/2021 at 4:18 AM, zwang said:

I pay for Evernote plus, but still not able to get any support when I have issues.

Hi. Have you contacted https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new ?

Changing an email address in one account should be simple;  but if the new address shows as 'already in use' you may have a second account created in error.  You'll need to free up that new address for use in the original account,  or use a different address instead.


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