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New Personal Account Not Premium with Business Account. What's the Deal?

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I finally figured out that the password for the free premium personal account you get with your Business account is the same.  Now that I'm into the personal account the problem is they promised it would be a premium account, but instead, the account is basic.  How do I make this the premium account they promised?  Is there a code?  I'm an expert user and this whole business account process has been confusing to establish.

I've had a separate premium account for years and love Evernote, but hope they give me some good support here before I "jump in" after the free trial ends.  There is no documentation that tells you how to upgrade your account to premium (for free) as part of your business subscription.  If anybody knows how to do it, please let me know and thanks in advance.


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Hi.  It sounds very much like a free account was accidentally created as you were going through the process of accessing your personal premium account.  If you've already emailed Support,  you should have some contact details there - just go back and ask them what's going on.  There's no code to activate the account - at least,  not one that anyone around here can access...

Evernote Business account admin overview

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When a business account is set up, it is for a group of people. This group needs an admin - always.

Are you on a group of people ? Then you should get assisted by the admin. He has access to business account support at EN.

Are you alone ? Then you picked the wrong product - Business accounts only make sense for groups working together, not as an individual account. For individual use (including professional purposes) a Premium account will do.

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