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Syncing problem

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Hi everyone,

I'm using evernote with 5 devices. All 4 devices (PC, laptop, mobiles) syncs very well, except one. This PC stills can download other notes from another devices, but it can't upload its notes to EN's server when I update or create a new note on this PC, so that other 4 devices can't load its' notes. How can I resolve this problems?  Im using win 10, android and ios. Thanks

Here are my activity logs

17:26:03 [INFO   ] [10348] [12532] 98% * guid={7daa770a-ffc5-46ca-a53e-94cd5c1b6537}
17:26:03 [INFO   ] [10348] [12532] 98% Submitting a batch of 1 note calls, size=606 B
17:26:04 [INFO   ] [10348] [7988] Client synchronization finished, status: failed

and failed syn 


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  • Rocky Fox changed the title to Syncing problem

I reinstall and it works. EN now has new version of 10.14.7. I wonder why other two PC/laptop with older version (6.21.9091) still syn well. Maybe I should update all of them.Thank gazumped.

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@PinkElephantI installed legacy ver but it just synced notes to server in about 15 mins first, after that I had the same previous issue. Now I only use EN v10, but this ver uses too much memory and causes my PC much slower than before. Do you have any suggestion? Tks.

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