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Please make "Home" customizable



I really like the idea of having a "Home" or a "Dashboard" for Evernote. It is really great to have a place that summarizes the information I have the way I want to summarize it and assist in the workflows I already have. Unfortunately, the current "Home" is not serving that purpose. Moreover, I am not able to find any practical application of the widgets present in the "Home" screen. Strictly speaking, they are just another view of the sidebar. But then, I really like the idea of having "Home".

Can we please have these functionalities in "Home". That will make it very useful yet keeping it as generic as possible for all users.

How to make the widgets in "Home" useful:

  1. Add a "Notebook" widget wherein the user will choose a Notebook and all the notes in that Notebook are shown as a list
  2. Add a "Tag" widget wherein the user will choose a Tag and all the notes in that Tag are shown as a list
  3. Add a "Shortcut" widget wherein the user will choose a Shortcut and all the notes in that Shortcut are shown as a list
  4. Add as many of these "Notebook", "Tag" and "Shortcut" widgets as the user wants

How will this make "Home" useful?

  1. All EN users have a system that they follow; it could be GTD or TSW or anything else
  2. All these systems are based on Notebooks, Tags and Shortcuts
  3. By showing the crucial Notebooks or Tags or Shortcuts information in one view, "Home" will add some sort of automation or intuitiveness to the user's existing system
  4. For example, if I have a tags that says "To Do", "Doing" and "Done" to keep track of my tasks, then adding these three tags as widgets next to each other will give me a Kanban board view of my tasks

I really hope this idea will get some traction and we can see it in Evernote in future.

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2 hours ago, hampsterx said:

Customize to make it go away would be great, suspect most power users don't need/want it and its irritating to them (as it is to me).


On Windows it's there but I don't start on it and I only go to it if I want to - which is currently very rarely. You don't say what platform you are using and it may be there is no way of avoiding it on your system.

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