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  1. Seems unlikely they care at this point. A company like this is heavily invested in Agile BS, staffed with product/project managers and likely focused on new products rather than existing functionality. The original developers and then some have long since left according to LinkedIn (eg Technical Lead - Android Group, left 2014, Android Manager and Lead Developer, left 2017, etc), the codebase has likely had many developers fingers all over it and few if any probably fully understand it at this point. And even then, with Agile/Scrum their hands are tied by what the PM and by proxy CEO wants th
  2. Likewise, cancelled plus membership several months back due to this fault. I still use Evernote, just not offline. 60mb upload per month on free plan is more than enough for most users I suspect unless you are regularly storing images/pdf or other binaries on regular basis. The offline feature was the *only* feature holding me to any paid plan.
  3. Well, finally! Amusingly I compared the source code of 6.10.1 with 6.10.2 and can see they are now using chrome.storage.local (the recommended library for extensions but is chrome specific) and put in a fudge on init to copy it back to window.localStorage (generic library supported by all browsers) hehe. Probably there was something changed in Chrome 54 that caused it to become inaccessible in localStorage which Evernote is using to hold configuration or whatnot hence the clipper could not start. Purely speculation of course because the development team seem to live in an ivory tower
  4. was so irritated at this bug I had to google for the answer: Like others I am running: Chrome Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.1 From reading that post, looks like a bad release mostly affecting this version of chrome. Of course no reply in either post from Evernote team. Customer Fail.. This release was over 2 weeks ago and must be affecting a tonne of users, what is the hold up?
  5. > Perhaps they listened, investigated, and said no, for many of the reasons given in this thread. Or, perhaps they decided this is the greatest idea since sliced bread and are adding it to our development plans. Well we would never know would we because they don't have an open bug tracker or even share their development roadmap > I find it sad that posts like this and so many others in the forums post suggestions, and then denigrate the product if there suggestion is not accepted and implemented immediately. Thread was started 9th January, that's almost a year ago. Again,
  6. > For performance and security reasons Evernote does not store data or note contents on any external storage devices such as SD cards. Nobody is suggesting to change the default from internal storage to external. However it needs to be an option for those that want it. And if you really wanted to increase performance then you could always keep the index on the internal storage and simply use the external storage for storing the full article
  7. Same situation here, approaching 1gb in offline notebooks and phone space is running out, 32gb card empty. Ridiculous considering how trivial this feature is to implement on Android http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/data-storage.html#filesExternal
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