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  1. Seems unlikely they care at this point. A company like this is heavily invested in Agile BS, staffed with product/project managers and likely focused on new products rather than existing functionality. The original developers and then some have long since left according to LinkedIn (eg Technical Lead - Android Group, left 2014, Android Manager and Lead Developer, left 2017, etc), the codebase has likely had many developers fingers all over it and few if any probably fully understand it at this point. And even then, with Agile/Scrum their hands are tied by what the PM and by proxy CEO wants them to work on which most definately won't be features that help a small but core group of hard core users, it will be new features/products that will bring in new customers. has anyone tried this? Link2SD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD&hl=en_US Might get lucky?
  2. Likewise, cancelled plus membership several months back due to this fault. I still use Evernote, just not offline. 60mb upload per month on free plan is more than enough for most users I suspect unless you are regularly storing images/pdf or other binaries on regular basis. The offline feature was the *only* feature holding me to any paid plan.
  3. Well, finally! Amusingly I compared the source code of 6.10.1 with 6.10.2 and can see they are now using chrome.storage.local (the recommended library for extensions but is chrome specific) and put in a fudge on init to copy it back to window.localStorage (generic library supported by all browsers) hehe. Probably there was something changed in Chrome 54 that caused it to become inaccessible in localStorage which Evernote is using to hold configuration or whatnot hence the clipper could not start. Purely speculation of course because the development team seem to live in an ivory tower TiM
  4. was so irritated at this bug I had to google for the answer: Like others I am running: Chrome Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper 6.10.1 From reading that post, looks like a bad release mostly affecting this version of chrome. Of course no reply in either post from Evernote team. Customer Fail.. This release was over 2 weeks ago and must be affecting a tonne of users, what is the hold up?
  5. > Perhaps they listened, investigated, and said no, for many of the reasons given in this thread. Or, perhaps they decided this is the greatest idea since sliced bread and are adding it to our development plans. Well we would never know would we because they don't have an open bug tracker or even share their development roadmap > I find it sad that posts like this and so many others in the forums post suggestions, and then denigrate the product if there suggestion is not accepted and implemented immediately. Thread was started 9th January, that's almost a year ago. Again, it's clear the direction of Evernote under Libin was to prioritize business features over core product development, stability, etc. --- As a software developer and power User I have to say it's quite frustrating, I am in need of a new Android phone but having internal storage be a major consideration due to an App limitation is just wrong. Prior to Evernote I used Web Research Professional for many years, in many ways it was (still is) superior to Evernote, it's a pity they never embraced Mobile/Cloud Amusingly now I am considering a home brew solution, frankly I don't have the time but it's at this point where a developer get's spiteful Dropbox have a sync API. Using the folder structure, inside the folder you have a file to hold an index of the files (not folders) inside that folder. Clipper is easy part, can simply clip and upload an MHTML like file to dropbox. Indexing can be done by any client (creating that index file I mentioned). Web Client could be pure Javascript, document how it needs to work, someone else could help build Android/Iphone apps.
  6. > For performance and security reasons Evernote does not store data or note contents on any external storage devices such as SD cards. Nobody is suggesting to change the default from internal storage to external. However it needs to be an option for those that want it. And if you really wanted to increase performance then you could always keep the index on the internal storage and simply use the external storage for storing the full article
  7. Same situation here, approaching 1gb in offline notebooks and phone space is running out, 32gb card empty. Ridiculous considering how trivial this feature is to implement on Android http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/data-storage.html#filesExternal
  8. did a bit more digging last night.. This blog post in Jan 2014 (evernote-the-bug-ridden-elephant) was picked up by Hacker News (very popular news site for tech people) which resulted in Phil Libin (Evernote CEO) posting a reply post on-software-quality in which he states a big goal for the year of focusing on stability and the core product yada ya. The general consensus was the following sort of things: - Customer support is terrible - Lack of transparency with product development (roadmap, bugs, bugs fixed, etc) - Inconsistent UI across apps, unstable/buggy etc - Sync is still buggy (slow to sync, data loss, etc) - General feeling of new features at the expense of stability My favorite comments are: Talking about New Features: Skitch http://brickybox.com/2013/07/17/scrup-a-better-skitch-replacement https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80780-is-skitch-dead-layoffs-in-austin/ Scannable Anyway, back to the core technology side of things http://mashable.com/2013/08/27/evernote-scaling/ These core (very senior, very experienced) engineers are still there actually (I stalked some of them on LinkedIn). So yeah, this was basically there strategy, build a syncronization API so that all the platform teams could implement it. The platform teams were then left to run wild and "compete" with each other hence the variation in features/stability etc between clients. One interesting piece of tech one of the senior developers used was the Chromium Embedded Framework (basically Chrome browser inside app) for the note editing on the Windows/Mac clients. This was a good use of cross platform technology. However, unlike what I said in my earlier post, it's simply not very feasible to try and reuse the same code base across various platforms, the technology to do this is still in it's infancy so my earlier post was a bit too simplistic even if it did kind of touch at some of the possible root problems affecting code quality. What I think they should do however is par back the number of supported mobile platforms (now that we know this mobile thing is a two horse race) to just Iphone and Android and maybe a thin (web) client and ensure they are as consistent as possible, and rock solid reliable. On the desktop side they would be probably be better served by building a pure web client (like spotify) that sits inside an application, thereby they would then get down to basically 4 clients (Iphone, Android, Thin Web, Thick Web) which would be much more manageable. However, I think business wise they probably had little choice but to follow the path towards focusing on the Enterprise market given that Microsoft made OneNote free in March last year (Microsoft's OneNote strategy: Battle Evernote, or something bigger?). This reminds me of the browser wars, eg Netscape being crushed due to Microsoft making IE free. So, in conclusion, who knows what the future holds for Evernote.. Enjoy, TiM
  9. Programming is a bit of a mix between building a house and gardening. It's not a rigid discipline as other engineering, say, building a bridge, whereby you have the blueprints up front from an architect and it's built exactly to spec and everything about it, right down to the strength at various points on the bridge, etc, are precisely known and calculated. Writing code is often a process of discovery and experimentation on the part of the developer from vague or changing specifications and requirements. Management and end users only see the tip of the ice berg (the visible 10%), the other 90% is the design/implementation and all the code to handle the odd edge cases that occur etc. Software Developers are always constrained by time, you almost never write the code perfect first time, usually it's a process of refinement that happens to get the code to as elegant and simple a solution as possible while still managing to meet your timelines. Often times the code or feature goes out the door and is either buggy, flawed (design wise), or convoluted (code is not as clear/simple as it could be), etc. Sometimes it's not until much later (err hindsight) that you realize there are better ways to solve the problem which would streamline/simplify the code and hence reduce complexity. All of this stuff is known as "technical debt", it's like using your credit card to buy something, if you don't pay it off the interest will keep accumulating if you ignore the problem, adding drag to developer productivity, making it harder to implement new features, fix bugs, etc. Even small bits of cruft in the code can cause developers to waste quite a bit of time figuring what it does, next time they come back around and touch some related code. Or to put it in gardening terms, when Management make a decision to focus on features (ie plant more vegetables) at the expense of paying off debt (weeding, making compost, companion planting, etc) on what has already been built then it can very easily become buggy and unstable (eg lower the yield). Developers need time to "pay off" the technical debt of putting in features (the extra, nice to have stuff management/users want) to avoid spiraling complexity which makes the code complicated to understand. Unfortunately this is the norm in IT, over time what happens is that features become harder and harder to implement to the point that it's actually easier to just rewrite the project from scratch In Evernote's case they have numerous native apps (eg Iphone, Android, Mac, Windows, etc) and the Web Client. They have put in lots of new features over the past 18 months. I suspect this has come at the expense of unifying the applications to use the same code base, which would have been a massive payoff of already existing technical debt, hence every application has slightly different features and behavior. Here is an example from Google arstechnical - How Google Inbox shares 70% of its code across Android, iOS, and the Web - Nov 2014 That sort of approach will enable them to build new features on all platforms much faster and easier than if each project was it's own island unto itself. enjoy, TiM ps as you can probably guess, I write code for a living
  10. ok after perusing the forums last night I see it's a bit more systemic than just the new Web UI. Is the Evernote forum becoming predominantly a complaints board/ substitute for Evernote support? - Nov 2014What is your experience with Evernote Support? - Jan 2015Evernote Support, or lack thereof - Feb 2015Feature Request -- Common Features across all Platforms - April 2015theguardian - Evernote to change premium price as CEO says 'it was the wrong price' - Nov 2014techcrunch - Evernote CEO’s Mea Culpa — Plans To Address App Stability, Plus A Hiring Blitz - Jan 2014 I think this is the crux of the problem, they have focused on features at the expense of stability and reducing technical debt and now they are reeling from it so forums and usability issues are probably pretty low on the back log of problems to solve right now.
  11. ok just switched back to the original and the three pane interface is much nicer to work with. Amusingly when I clear a reminder (from note reminder list) it still loses the context but if I do it on the detail page it doesn't. This will do for the interim to retain my sanity but yes I do worry about the future of the web client. Would be better if they exposed their bug tracker publicly or at least provide a restricted view of it so they can link to a ticket from a forum post so people know it's on the back log. Hiring a community manager to help curate the user oriented bug/feature requests and manage the forums etc would be a wise step also if they don't already have someone at least part time allocated to this role.
  12. yup this is really infuriating, same thing with the reminders, tick "done" and it jumps down. Apologies in advance... <rant> The usability of the new web UI is a step backwards, it's like nobody on the Evernote team actually eats their own dogfood. The mobile first approach approach just cripples the power users, I would much rather the notes view gave a grid view option so I didn't have have 2/3 of the screen as white space. One other pet peeve, there is a "start a chat" icon on hover over the note, I NEVER use this feature nor intend to, a link to the to the original source would be much more useful. </rant>
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