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Lost notes in update




My MacBook rebooted and Evernote updated and when it has come back my last 6 weeks of school have GONE.

Have signed into Evernote web, checked trash etc. Cant find anything.

Please are you able to advise me.

All this information can't be gone, I had been frequently using the app for MacBook on and off, it may have been running in the background and not updated for a while but surely it can't have just gone?!?!


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Hi, can’t you find any note, or only the ones from the last weeks are missing ?

Do you jot down long notes, adding text to existing ones, so there are few notes that were frequently updated ? Or is it a lot of smaller notes, like a new note for each course and week ?

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16 hours ago, Laurahew said:

my last 6 weeks of school have GONE.

Are you sure you're using the correct userid/password    
It's easy to accidentally create a second account

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