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Migrating from free trial to business account

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I signed up to try Evernote with my business email.  I'd now like to upgrade to a business plan and migrate the company over.  However, the signup process asks for my personal email to enable transfer of my existing notes, but I didn't use my personal email, I used my business email.  Any ideas on how to make this all happen?

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In addition: On the business plan each user gets 2 accounts: One for business use, integrated into the administration by the company. The second that comes along with it is a personal Premium account meant for personal use.

The idea behind it is compliance (ownership of data, privacy etc.): Data on which a person is working professionally belongs to the company. When a person moves out, the data stays, the company allocates it to other employees by redefining spaces etc.

The private EN account belongs to the person, he takes it with him when leaving. This is relevant for owners as well - imagine the mess when you want to sell your business one day, and everything is mixed up in one heap of notes.

To set these twin accounts up, EN needs 2 mail addresses per business user: One for the professional account, one for the personal.

To get this done step by step, you indeed better contact support for business clients. If you want to speed up the setup, think about employing an EN certified consultant to kick start you on your project. A consultant can help you remotely. It is probably money well invested if you take the time saved into account.

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