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It's telling me I need to unsync, using the web option.

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Today I selected to unsync evernote on my computer because my computer has hardware problems. I'm using another computer, and logged into the web client. It was working fine. I went back to the computer after dinner, and it says I must upgrade to premium because I need to unsync another device and I've already used my 2 "unsyncs" for the month. Yikes! Why is it telling me I need to unsync when it was working fine an hour before and nothing has changed?

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The Basic Plan used to be more open, not counting unsyncs. Some guys abused this, practically creating a workaround for Premium by permanently hopping devices.

Say „thank you“ to these guys - they made EN cut back on unsyncing a while ago. The web client was then added to the list when it was regarded as having feature parity last autumn.

For seriously using EN it is better to subscribe - even when the free plan is still better than most, comparing by features.

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